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Environmental Control Systems (HVAC Systems) are designed and created by a Licensed Engineers, using the required engineering knowledge to coordinate several variables in order to achieve the desired environmental conditions. This means, that when these engineered systems have to be worked on, the engineering knowledge is essential for the evaluation, testing, adjusting or modification of these variables.

HVAC Xpertise. Is accompany specialized in the installation & testing of HVAC systems. Using the latest technology, standards and instrumentation, our specialized group of engineers and technicians perform all necessary tests and adjustments to certify, modify or design in order to obtain required systems performance found for industries, housings, hospitals and commercial applications. Due to the engineering support, HVAC Xpertise is capable to deal with unexpected situations where the systems components or design have to be altered with prompt action and effectively. All works are supervised and certified by our engineers specialized in this field.

This experienced and specialized knowledge makes HVAC Xpertise , not only the best choice when you need to evaluate , test , adjust or modify you re engineered HVAC systems, it is also the way that you obtain an “engineered service for your engineered system”.


Creative Team Work

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Professional Repair

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Great Support Team

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Designation Name Nationality
Project Manager Asif iqbal Ameer Pakistani
Project Manager Moeed Nawaz Pakistani
Project Coordinator Fahad Nawaz Pakistani
Site Supervisor Mehboob Hussain Pakistani
Site Supervisor Mr. Nisar Khan Pakistani
Sales & Marketing Asif Iqbal Mohammad Iqbal Pakistani
Technician Mohammad Maqbool Abdul Rehman Pakistani
Technician Mohammad Arvez Ishaq Pakistani
Technician Mohammad Niaz M. Aslam Pakistani
Technician Mohammad Zeeshan Mohammad Rafique Pakistani
Electrician Siraj Ahmed Nazeer Ahmed Bangladeshi
Electrician Tariq Ali Malik Siraj Ud Din Pakistani
Supporter Mohammad Hamza Abdul Salam Buot Pakistani
Supporter Abdul Qayyum M. Akhter Hussain Indian
Supporter Kareem Essam Ahmed Hamza Egyptian
Supporter Hamadah A. Majeed Ahmed M. Mansoor Egyptian
Supporter Tamir M. Abdul Jaleel M. Khittab Egyptian
Supporter Assad Ahmed Hassan Shamakh Egyptian
Supporter Naseer Ud Din Mahboob Al Alam Bangladeshi
Supporter Noor Al Amin Tandamiah Nazir Ahmed Bangladeshi
Supporter Sarwar Kamal Haji Kalamiah Bangladeshi
Supporter Abdul Rasheed Kalamiah Bangladeshi
  • Our managers and supervisors have leadership abilities that began with self-confidence and molded by positive reinforcement and repetitive success. They are public speakers, active listeners and good presenters.
  • Our skilled Technicians and Electricians have technical aptitude with good hand eye co ordination. They are able to follow instructions and to be precise in their work.
  • Our supporting team is honest and straight forward. They share the load equally which is very important for team member’s collective motivation. They are reliable, fair and have positive “can do” attitude towards work. They are in good fitness, with an ability to lift heavy equipment.
  • Our team is action oriented, ambitious and autonomous who can get the job done without extensive hand-holding.



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